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I'm S. Pari friend of Mr Mali. I know him for the last 30 years. He is known for his dedication, discipline, straight forwardness, spontaneous in cutting jokes, good dressing and of late he has become tech savvy. He helps me continuously in saving my money. His service and friendly nature made him in good books of many of my friends and relatives. He has been in training financial planning also. He is not only my friend and his entire family has become part of our family. I wish him all the best. S. Pari
I am V. Arangaswamy working as Superintendent in Central Excise Department. During my first appointment I took my first LIC policy way back in 1988 from Shri S. Vanamali. Till now I am his client. He has extended such an extraordinary service and excellent guidance in my financial investments also. Not only I have been guided in my LIC Policy but also in choosing my mediclaim, vehicle insurances, PPF and other investments as well. My best wishes in his future endevours and our wishes for his meteorical growth in his career.
Comrades I am Muralidharan a friend and client of Shri. Vanamali Srinivasan a dedicated, sincere and a wonderful person. He is my investment advisor. A very knowledgeable and efficient person. He will put forth all suitable investments and also explains the benefits of each and every item. Above all, his service to his clients is commendable not only in respect of insurance but also in other matters also. He is a great utility person. He has a record of all his clients and reminds them about the dues and if need be collects the payments and see that the receipts are delivered. It is this untiring dedication that has brought him to great heights. He not only caters LIC policies but also other investments and other insurances also. I wish him all the best in all his endeavours and make him reach greater heights and achieve all his dreams.
I know Mr.Vanamali from my childhood, right from my first employment till date it is around 3 decades he has been guiding me 100% for all my financial decisions.
I see him as financial adviser rather than LIC Policy agent. Apart from his LIC policies, he guides very neutrally by recommending Post Office Provident funds, other best investments plans that will suits your income and your profession.
He has also recommended me proper Health Insurance that really saved my money during hospitalization of my family particularly for my parents hospital expenses. We generally Ignore these because of over confidence or non priority as compared with other day to day expenses. But he insisted me for various apt health insurances which helped me and avoided from huge expenses during stressful situations.
He is very expert in Loan management, He gave me a very good guidance to choose best bank for taking loan and various strategies to clear off the debts effectively.
Also, during my downfall when I lost my job, I was almost without any income for few months, He gave complete confidence financially helped me to close some policies and it helped to restore back to my normal life.
Every month I make it a point to meet him and spend a hour to explain him my current situations and take his new ideas.
I take this opportunity to congratulate him for his awards and achievements. He likes coffee very much, If you offer one coffee he will save your life forever. My best wishes for him.
I am Dr. Subasree working as a Teaching faculty in dept. of psychology MSSW Chennai. I know Mr. Vanamali from 1999, when I was doing my PhD. He is our family friend and well wisher of mine. I was just earning a small amount by conducting tuition classes, While doing PhD. Mali use to advise me about regular savings, and how it always help us in future. I started a small policy for Rs.400 per month, though I did not have a concrete earnings . I still remember that really gave me a sense of strength and I totally changed my perspective towards Insurance. It really motivated me to earn more and this will also make us earn consistently when we are committed.
It was so positive and he thought me financial planning with my small little earnings and even now it helps me in handling my commitments outside home. He was so friendly and helpful. I was inspired and impressed to such an extent that selected him as my life partner. Now we both are into planning and execution of financial commitments. Mali never likes to go for loan for anything unless it is an emergency. He never allows me to pledge anything for to get money. It is against to his policy, as he always says that you should have buffer amount to fulfill your expenditure and budget shortage. Mali has a clear picture of anything he does. He will not commit to any venture unless he is aware of the results. Details oriented person but flexible and sometimes stubborn on his opinion. He is always open for learning any new skills. I encourage him for any of his new venture and sponsored him to study FChFP course for which I really appreciate his efforts. Mali is known for his hard work and commitments. He values his clients more than his family members. He loves to be with friends. He makes an effort and habit to visit his friends, relatives, clients at least once in a month. He is very cautious about risk taking commitments and very much reliable. All the above I discussed as a third person who is also close to mali and watching him daily....I love his spontaneity and commitment for the work. Long live you and your passion.

Good will
Dr. Subasree.
I am Sudharsan studying 7th std. My Father never give up till he reached his goal. "Velai vandhutta vellaikaaran ". Appa has many friends and all are like my close relatives. Appa is my inspiration for Cricket. He is a wonderful cricketer and encourages me always to play with commitment. Appa never deny my wishes and i love when he gives surprise gifts. In total I love my Appa for being very responsible father.

Dad is my Hero and Rolemodel. Dad + me = Aweasome
Hi, this is Kannan , worked in India's no 1 and globally leading public sector life insurance industry (LIC OF INDIA, 30 years in life insurance) , at present doing life insurance consultancy and training program in insurance and soft skills, one of the approved valuer (land & building) for BOI , IOB, PNB & CORPORATION BANK.
My advance wishes and congratulations to Srinivasan Vanamali, who's going to launch his web site. He is v good friend, shishya, my very Second agent in my agency team but always stood first since 6 th January 1988, very charming, smiling, easy go guy, motivator, cricketer, photographer, great personality etc., very good admin in MY FRIENDS LIC WhatsApp group, members are from all over India, right from Agents , DOs and retired staff. Above all his hand writing, beautiful, lovely, awesome.. In fact through Vanamali I have gained many friends in all walks of life, always seeking and getting blessings from his parents.. Go ahead Vanamali, now I'm really proud to say to all my friends as your Ex Development Officer, wishing you good luck in all your endeavors..
Man of Desipiline, perfection, honest & Humorous Person. In our friends circle we called him "Complete Man". He's having good knowledge in (Life Insurance Corporations of India), LIC of India Policies details, which policy is suitable for each person, he will guide us for our future savings through LIC policies. I could say he is a brand Ambassador for LIC OF INDIA. Apart from LIC, he is very good techie guy, he's given number presentations about new technology. He is very much interested to know new technology and share the technology usage with others. He is best adviser for financial planning and investments for our future. He is a good mankind person helping others, whenever opportunity comes to him. His Journey/Service will continue for all of our Future Savings! All The Best!
I am Praveen Santhanam working as an Assistant Project manager in an IT firm. I know Mr.Vanamali for a decade now and he is not just another financial advisor / consultant . When you invest your time with him, you have two benefits both lasts for life. One is money and other is his friendship. He is a great human who has a sense of responsibility for the work he does and a very dynamic person who makes our job of investment easier and quicker
It’s been a very great experience with Mr.Vanamali as my personal/financial advisor for many years. His vast experience and real dedication towards his profession helps him to achieve greater heights consistently.
He delivers dynamic and professional support with high integrity, strong and traditional values to the clients focusing on utmost levels of customer satisfaction. I wish him all success and have a wonderful days ahead.
I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. S.Vanamali personally for the past 32 years and I can state about him with confidence.
Mr. Vanamali, after his college education, started his career as LIC Agent and doing service for his customers for the past 28 years. He is very knowledgeable. He conducts his work very professionally. Mr. Vanamali is always methodical and prompt in his service. I have never seen someone in his profession as focused and as driven as Mr. Vanamali. This is the secret of his success. Apart from LIC Agency, he also developed his skill as Financial Planner and guiding his customers effectively in planning their investments and savings.
I always find Mr. Vanamali ever-smiling. He has pleasant manners and mixes with others very well. He is always jovial and keeps his company in good spirits.
I wish him success in all his endeavors.
I have been interacting with Mr Vanamali for more than 10 years,
On our first meeting, Vanamali listened to our requirements and our long-term goals and he provided us with a comprehensive plan of action. Throughout the years he has met with us regularly, discussed and updated our financial plan and advised us with regard to purchasing new funds, pension plans, giving us the personal service that we require.
He is a knowledgeable and professional financial advisor,he is competent and knows the economic bigger picture. He keeps himself current with the market and new funds that are available. He played an integral role in our personal financial well being and We feel secure in our retirement as a result of working with him and we highly recommend his services.
A.Sundara rajan, Sr.Manager (Retd), BHEL.
I am Aswin Santhnam a technology enthusiast help people in solving daily life problem by teaching technology to laymen plus having passion to software development and create business solution. Apart from this, interested giving education to the underprivileged. Interested in oriental philosophy and a cyclist. Mr.Vanamali is a person mixture of both insurance and financial consultant. He is a very active and always eager and curious to learn new things and very adaptable to the situation. He understands the current technology changes and trying to reach his client through technology.
have known Malli aka Vanamalli for more than five plus years. He has got an excellent knowledge on various financial products and is well qualified as a financial planner. His expertize on Life insurance products is amazing. As a person, Malli has got an amazing personality and brings in great fun and humor everytime you interact with him. He brings in lot of positivity and keeps all people around him with great Joy and Cheer. I cherish all his interactions. In addition he is a great Cricket and Shuttle player and has played for various leagues. Vanamalli Rocks!!
S Dhandapani
I am Kalyan Kumar working with Amiri Flight in Doha, Qatar as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. I know Mr. Mali from year 2001 through his brother-in-law Mr.Rangarajan. He is one true friend of mine since then. I use to wonder how he is so energetic and witty at any time of the day, also he is a good human being and that makes him great and take him to achieve greater heights in his career. I always take advice regarding my investments and he suggests the right thing for me. I am glad to have a philosopher and a financial advisor as my trust worthy friend and I wish him all the very best for his achievements and my support is always there for him at any time.
I met Mr. Vanamali in the year 2002. He is a honest and genuine professional who keep his customer's interest as foremost. His advice as an insurance consultant made me take some wonderful policies that secure my family's future. He is highly dependable and man of integrity. Should you wish to discuss this testimony with me, I am at your disposal.
Mr. Ram, Kuwait!!!
I am Arvind Electrical Engineer working at Bangalore International Airport, residing in Bangalore. Am supporting my mom and dad on a single income meant to be more careful with my money. I was introduced to Mr.Vanamali by my sister and my tomorrows for the past 6 years has been secured by him. He always guide and suggest me to select right investment plans. Whenever I get some doubt in investment/saving, he use to clear my doubts in single phone call. When the word investing/saving comes, Mr.Vanamali is my "Google" who keeps every updates in his finger tip. Professionally, he is honest, competent, knowledgeable. Personally I feel that he is a good human being and down to earth to his clients"
I am Karthikeyan Subramanian. Nothing much to say about me. I am in stock broking industry. Vanamali is also a member of our family. Our association crossed 30 years. He along with his family members show same kind of affection to all our family members. Talking about him is like a LKG student was asked to speak about a Nobel prize winner. Such was his achievement and he continues to educate himself first and without hesitation impart that knowledge to all. This is the secret behind his success. Not only that he also go to the ground level when someone ask for any help. His attitude made many people admire him. His commitment to work is something beyond imagination. Very affectionate person. We all wish him success in all his endeavors.
Im Sriram.M.R working in Automobile firm.  Im one of the Client of Mali
He is my relative i know him for more than 15-20 years
He is known for his hard work, perseverance, commitment.
He is a true inspiration for all of us.
Person whom you can believe and commit for anything.
We have known Mr Vanamali for the past 20 years, as a friend and a financial adviser. From our first meeting, it was apparent that his depth of knowledge in this sphere far exceeded that of others I had met and spoken to. He took time to listen to us, getting to know us, what our priorities were and our hopes for our family’s future. They took the whole picture into account. We felt guided and in control. It was clear we had many options and that an important factor was selecting those we felt most comfortable with. That they managed this while not overwhelming us with jargon, rushing us or confusing us was a real skill. The end result was tailored to what we felt was right for us – with flexibility to make changes should we wish to. We have always found your style and approach to be very pleasant, patient and kind. I have found you to be honest with a straightforward manner, coupled with an easy way in which you explain and discuss everything. As an NRI investing in India, I can do so in the full and comfortable knowledge that you are working for the benefit of us both; it is a win/win feeling and one that will allow me to happily recommend him to anyone who is interested in changing to a more reliable adviser, one who clearly cares about the individual customer and his needs.
Thank you Vanamali. You are a genuine and reliable professional.
Dr Kumar Subramanian, Milton Keynes,United Kingdom
My self and my team are super impressed of  our 10 years long Association with Sri S.Vanamali.....Just opening his media saves us hours each month..In this new website learning and knowing latest financial information now takes a couple of minutes. To top it all, off his support has been brilliant, quick, helpful and personal. My hearty congratulations to Sri Vanamali..
Vanamali is an excellent insurance consultant and goes beyond a conventional client relationship. His service to clients is exemplary and one can expect to benefit from his outstanding connections and client network.
Venkatraghavan S
Executive Vice President - Food Ingredients Business at Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd
The level of service and professionalism I’ve received from Vanamali is unparalleled. I’ve purchased several policies through him over the years and I have always felt confident that I am dealing with a right person & making a wise/ secured investment. He has always taken the time to educate me and inform me about various options, be it insurance or investment. Infact, some may feel that he is trying to sell, but he legitimately cares about his clients and their well-being”.
Surendar. D, 
Director, BlazeDream.com
I have known Vanamali for more than 30 years now. He is not only an extended family for us but also a great well wisher
Vanamali, has been the financial adviser for me for more than three decades now. This relationship started more than three decades ago when I had taken few LIC policies from him - that was when I had started earning. While few others had just stopped after selling their policies, Vanamali ownership was far more over-reaching. He owned the entire life cycle of the policies from the initiation through settlement. Soon, I transferred the management of all my policies to him and stopped going to others for any new policies. An excellent testament of his ownership was seen, when he worked through his contacts in LIC to settle my father's policy even though it was discontinued (and was from a different agent). That is the kind of ownership you can expect from him Vanamali, has amply demonstrated that when one treats his work as GOD, one can grow to great heights. Most of the agents I have know take up LIC as a part time profession, but Vanamali did it full time. By sheer hard work and excellent relationship he maintains with his customers, he has grown to a full blown financial adviser. He is well know in this field as an acclaimed adviser - what accentuates his work is that he does his work purely for the benefit of his customers - he is even ready to lose business if doesn't benefit his customer. If he has grown to such Himalayan heights by completely doing his profession ethically it speaks volumes of his success.
What has made Vanamali unique, is his adaption to the changes in the industry trends. He has always kept himself abreast of the latest happenings in the industry and they always in his finger tips. Not only that, he uses digital technology to its fullest extent. Frankly, though I am in IT field he seems to more about leveraging social media, mobility or his website to accomplish his marketing, selling and management.
I wish him all the best!!
I am working as Machine Learning Expert in TCS and I know Vanamali for last 30 years. I always see Vanamali as a passionate and GOTO person for all my Insurance needs. His knowledge on Insurance industry is through and detailed. His service is impeccable. Personally I learnt a lot from him especially when the discussions points to Investment Lucky to have his companionship and I am sure he will scale to greater heights in future. All the Best Vanamali.
"I have known Vanamali for the past 25+ years. To put it in three simple words, Vanamali is a person who is extremely reliable, knowledgeable and ever helpful. He has always been there for his friends and clients whenever need be. The fact that all his clients are his friends speaks volumes for his good demeanour. God bless you dear Vanamali with lots of success always!"..
Kalpana Venkatesh
Vanamali has been looking after my financial saving options for more than 12 years.  He's very knowledgeable and recommends products tailoring to one's needs.  He's very reliable, promptly reminding me of my dues.
I am Joseph working as Young Professional with National Career Service at Ministry of Labour & Employment. Govt of India "Whenever there is a need for financial management, without a second thought I will approach Shri. Vanamali who has been widely known for his prowess on life insurance and financial management. As a person he is facilitate and offers context oriented financial solutions".  - Joseph Thiyagarajan.
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I am Sudharsan studying 7th std. My Father never give up till he reached his goal. "Velai vandhutta vellaikaaran ". Appa has many friends and all are like my close relatives.

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