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Hi Friends and  well-wishers… Mr. Vanamali is speaking to you all....Happy to welcome you all to his new initiative...his website…

Vanamali Srinivasan is known to you for the past few years as your friend, financial advisor and relative…. This is a little narration about him  in detail….

Vanamali Srinivasan is been in Chennai from 1971….has completed graduation from Guru Nanak College during the year 1988…He was not a keen studious… student in studies… very playful.. he  means a serious play… He was representing college cricket team and played for senior dist. Level matches… and those days cricket was his life… He played higher division matches for TNCA… qualified Umpire worked for couple of years in the field….He is a professional photographer and works for his clients and relatives….

Concurrently, he started his LIC agency career during 1988… while studying college final year… Mr.G. Kannan was his DO , who encouraged him to work in this field…He was very much happy about the job as it doesn’t require fixed time schedule, free from regular office visit… He chooses to be an entrepreneur, which was a clear, well informed decision, though he was not an expert at that time…

Everyone was initially worried about his decision as LIC agency, as it involves risk of regular income and setting up family will also be an issue…But he was focused and continued to work in LIC, as he wants to prove that any job could yield good returns and good will, if one does it in a professional way… So he was keen on gathering information and widening his knowledge on insurance industry…

One of his greatest strength is his friends and his interpersonal skills…which enabled him to move further and stretch out more than 800 families… All of them are his close friends and he value them as close relatives…He makes sure to visit them in regular intervals and his services are well appreciated by all of them… He also makes an earnest attempt to educate them about financial industry and help them in financial planning through social media and in person too…

Mali is a tech. savvy and keen on learning new techniques to reach the unreached….He always do business with ethics and keen on his clients futuristic benefits rather than his income…he never compromise on ethics for big business… and he values dignity of labour… he has lowest earning daily wagers and highest earning CEO’s as his clients….

He beliefs on sustainable business and that’s why he has clients from the same families for more than decades…Now additionally he has ventured into STAR health insurance to cater services to his clients …He has genuine interest on his client’s future and for that he has earned a little name in the industry…And now he is well known to LIC officials and among agent community, after joining LUGI…

LUGI has a greater responsibility in shaping his competence and widen his network…..LUGI is an excellent platform that enabled him to rediscover his potentials….His thirst for knowledge is broaden after entering a professional forum like LUGI, he has completed FChFP, Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner course and which has enhanced his ability to orient his client’s on multiple financial instruments and magnificent techniques in planning one’s financial in flow…

Dr.SubasreeVanamali MA, PhD, his  wife is the main driving force,provides unconditional support, friend, philosopher and guide in all his endevovers.He had a big leap in busciness and transformations in personal life after his wedding during 2002. She is into teaching,research and very good trainer too. Mali and subasree Campanili presented a paper about financial service provider's and their current need in an International conference.

Friends this is a gist of Mali and of course you know him very well..

This website is his new initiative to cater better services to you all. He is  planning for a customized approach for each client, so that it suits every client’s needs….He  have grown to these highs only because of you all….believe, that he will do better services with the help of you by using this web platform…

This website is dedicated to all his clients and family members, who has been with him in all these years… and he  look forward for your valuable suggestions to improvise his website…

He states that " I am here to provide you the best guidance, service and care for your secured financial life" .

Good Will

Srinivasan Vanamali…

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I am Sudharsan studying 7th std. My Father never give up till he reached his goal. "Velai vandhutta vellaikaaran ". Appa has many friends and all are like my close relatives.

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